2023 Softball Generals Tryouts

  • The Make-Up Date will be held on Saturday October 15th at Livingston Field.
    • 10U Makeup will be conducted between 2-3pm.
    • 12U Makeup will be conducted between 3-4pm.
  • All players who want to try out must register at the sign-up link. We do these tryouts now so that we can have our rosters set for winter training.
  • Our Generals teams participate in a balanced winter training program to ensure our teams are ready to compete at a championship level. We have found that fall tryouts are more effective than conducting a tryout in January or February as the fall is closer to the skill development that players have developed throughout the spring and summer.
  • Please know that we keep roster spots open for players who distinguish themselves during house league play in the spring. We want to honor every player's desire to improve even if they don't make the team at this point in their journey.

Please click on the registration button below to register for the tryouts.



12U Softball Regional