House League

T-Ball (4-5yr olds)


T-Ball is designed for 4 to 5 year olds. T-Ball develops the primary baseball skills of hitting, throwing, fielding and running as well as introducing players to game play.
T-Ball is a fun and memorable experience to introduce young players to the game of baseball!

T-Ball is open for children born:

On or after 5/1/2018

On or before 8/31/2020

Registration Fee: $185.00







Rookie (6-7yr olds)


Players will be introduced to pitching from a coach/umpire and a greater emphasis will be placed on positional play. This is a fun and competitive division where outs will be recorded, and score will be kept. The Rookie division includes a competitive playoff (while ensuring the focus remains on fun and development).    

Rookie is open for children born:

On or after 5/1/2016

On or before 4/30/2018

Registration Fee: $195.00



Single A Ball (8U)

single a 2

This division is designed for players 8 years and younger who are ready for an introductory to player pitch baseball experience. In this division, players pitch but with coach support after four balls are thrown. Single A ball includes a fun and competitive playoff to end the season.

Single A is open for children born:

On or after 5/1/2015

On or before 4/30/2017

Registration Fee: $200.00




This is our newest division as we hope to help grow the softball community at the ages of 7-8 year olds. This division is designed to learn the basic fundamentals of softball.

8U Softball is open to 7–8-year-old girls.

Softball is open for girls born:

On or after 9/1/2014

On or before 8/31/2017

Registration Fee: $200.00




This division is designed to focus on the development of pitching and all other softball skills. Half of each game is coach pitch/player pitch.

10 U Softball is open to 9–10-year-old girls.

Softball is open for girls born:

On or after 9/1/2012

On or before 8/31/2014

Registration Fee: $210.00




12U Softball Regional

12U Softball prioritizes instruction and skill development.  Priority remains focused on the fundamentals of Fastpitch Softball, character development and teamwork.

12U Softball is open to 11–13-year-old girls.

12U Softball is open for girls born:

On or after 9/1/2009

On or before 8/31/2012

Registration Fee: $210.00


Minors (9-10yr olds)


The Minor division is for players aged 9 &10 and is exclusively player pitch. This is an important developmental division with a competitive and fun playoff to finish the season! Minors is played with 60ft bases and a 44ft mound.

Minors is open for children born:

On or after 5/1/2013

On or before 4/30/2015

Registration Fee: $210.00


Majors (11-12yr olds)


Our pinnacle program, the majors is for 11 and 12yr olds. Majors is played on a field with 70ft bases and a 50ft pitchers mound.

Majors is open for children born:

On or after 9/1/2010

On or before 4/30/2013

Registration Fee: $210.00


Babe Ruth (13-15yr olds)


Babe Ruth is played with 90 foot bases and a 60ft pitchers mound and is an outstanding program for players this age as they prepare to play in high school.

Babe Ruth is open for players born:

On or after 5/1/2008

On or before 4/30/2011

Registration Fee: $210.00