League Leadership

Sheridan McGuane Baseball is an all-volunteer run organization. We are a community baseball organization that seeks to build the future generation of our nation’s leaders. Our Board of Directors seeks to lead from the same principles that we build in our players: servant leadership, community and citizenship.

Mark Hamstra

Mark Hamstra


Mark is a father of four, a high school principal by trade and a coach at heart. In addition to his career as an education leader, Mark is a former Army Officer and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran with fourteen years of service and military leadership. Mark transitioned into education following his military service and is a dedicated community leader who is passionate about the power of sport to connect communities and to build the next generation of leaders for our city and our country. "I have been with Sheridan McGuane baseball since 2013 and am truly grateful for the experience that Sheridan McGuane baseball has given my children. The memories of a Friday night at Sheridan or an early saturday morning practice at McGuane are irreplaceable for me and my family. I’m incredibly excited to continue to build the excellent tradition and baseball experience that is Sheridan McGuane."

Paul Konrad

Paul Konrad

Vice President

Paul is a father of four and has worked for WGN-TV since 1996 as a weather forecaster. “I have had my four kids in Sheridan McGuane Baseball since 2007. My family has had so many precious memories of fun and laughter centered around baseball and softball. We have learned and grown together through playing sports. I love baseball and helping kids to learn how to be their best.”


Joe Del Preto

Director of Logistics

When Joe’s not coaching baseball, he’s working as the CFO at Sprout Social, a Chicago-based software company, or spending time with my family. Joe has three kids, two boys (13 and 15) and one daughter (9), and an amazing wife.

“I have been coaching little league baseball for over 10 years. Sheridan McGuane Baseball has brought a lot of joy to me and the community. Local youth programs, like SMB, are essential in developing character and leadership in young athletes and teaching them the importance of working as a team. There is no substitute for the natural joy you see on kids' faces when they make a good play.”

John Clifford

John Clifford

Director of Coach & Player Development

John is a father of two. "My wife, and kids, and I have met a lot of good friends through Sheridan McGuane Baseball.  It's really fun, and great competition.   And I enjoy coaching/teaching the kids."


Mike Cipolla

Director of Finance (Treasurer)

Mike is a father of two and is the C.F.O. of Charter Steel Trading Co., Inc. on Chicago’s west side. “My son Jacob has been a part of Sheridan McGuane Baseball since 2016, and I’ve been coaching there for the last 4 years. We love Sheridan McGuane Baseball because it feels like one big family. Through the years, we’ve met so many different people and have made so many friends.”

Mike Fournier
Director of Operations

Mike is a Chicago native and IT professional who has lived in Little Italy with his family for the past fifteen years. “I have been with Sheridan McGuane Baseball since 2012. Sheridan McGuane baseball has provided me with some of the most cherished moments in my sons life. I want every family to experience the same thing.”

Advisory Board

(Responsible for advising and consulting on the long term development of the league): 


  • Herb Keeler: Former President
  • George Johnson: Baseball Consultant
  • Bart Moy: Community Engagement Consultant
  • Armando Chacon: Director of Business Partnerships
  • DJ Romano: Baseball Consultant

Support Staff

(Volunteer staff who support the board of directors and our league with specialized support)


  • Director of Marketing & Branding: Sean Strimple
  • Director of Pitching: Chris Smolky
  • Director of Community Volunteers: Vacant.  Let us know if you are interested!  We are looking for someone to coordinate our volunteers and run important community events (end of year picnic, Memorial Day parade, concessions, etc).  
  • Field Supervisor: Vacant.  Let us know if you are interested!  We are in need of someone to coordinate the maintenance of our McGuane Park fields. Enjoy getting outside, painting baseliness, raking and maintaining our baseball fields?  This is for you!